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grind down

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grind /ɡraɪnd/ vb (grinds, grinding, ground)
  1. to reduce or be reduced to small particles by pounding or abrading: to grind corn, to grind flour
  2. (transitive) to smooth, sharpen, or polish by friction or abrasion: to grind a knife
  3. to scrape or grate together (two things, esp the teeth) with a harsh rasping sound or (of such objects) to be scraped together
  4. (transitive) followed by out: to speak or say (something) in a rough voice
  5. (transitive) often followed by down: to hold down; oppress; tyrannize
  6. (transitive) to operate (a machine) by turning a handle
  7. (transitive) followed by out: to produce in a routine or uninspired manner: he ground out his weekly article for the paper
  8. (intransitive) informal to study or work laboriously
  1. informal laborious or routine work or study
  2. a specific grade of pulverization, as of coffee beans: coarse grind
  3. the act or sound of grinding
Etymology: Old English grindan; related to Latin frendere, Lithuanian gréndu I rub, Low German grand sand

ˈgrindingly adv

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