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grit /grɪt/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  grit•ted, grit•ting. 
n. [uncountable]
  1. hard, abrasive particles, as of sand, stone, or gravel.
  2. firmness of character;
    pluck:showed grit in the face of danger.
  1. Idiomsgrit one's teeth, to show forbearance or determination by or as if by clamping or grinding the teeth together.

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grit  (grit),USA pronunciation n., v.,  grit•ted, grit•ting. 
  1. abrasive particles or granules, as of sand or other small, coarse impurities found in the air, food, water, etc.
  2. firmness of character;
    indomitable spirit;
    pluck:She has a reputation for grit and common sense.
  3. a coarse-grained siliceous rock, usually with sharp, angular grains.
  4. British Termsgravel.
  5. sand or other fine grainy particles eaten by fowl to aid in digestion.

  1. to cause to grind or grate together.

  1. to make a scratchy or slightly grating sound, as of sand being walked on;
  2. Idiomsgrit one's teeth, to show tenseness, anger, or determination by or as if by clamping or grinding the teeth together.
gritless, adj. 
gritter, n. 
  • bef. 1000; Middle English gret, griet, grit, Old English grēot; cognate with German Griess, Old Norse grjōt pebble, boulder; see grits
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged resolution, fortitude, courage.

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grit /ɡrɪt/ n
  1. small hard particles of sand, earth, stone, etc
  2. Also called: gritstone any coarse sandstone that can be used as a grindstone or millstone
  3. indomitable courage, toughness, or resolution
vb (grits, gritting, gritted)
  1. to clench or grind together (two objects, esp the teeth)
  2. to cover (a surface, such as icy roads) with grit
Etymology: Old English grēot; related to Old Norse grjōt pebble, Old High German grioz; see great, groats, gruel

Grit /ɡrɪt/ n , adj Canadian
  1. an informal word for Liberal

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