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gross consideration

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Also see: consideration

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

gross /ɡrəʊs/ adj
  1. repellently or excessively fat or bulky
  2. with no deductions for expenses, tax, etc; total: gross sales, gross income
    Compare net2
  3. (of personal qualities, tastes, etc) conspicuously coarse or vulgar
  4. obviously or exceptionally culpable or wrong; flagrant: gross inefficiency
  5. lacking in perception, sensitivity, or discrimination: gross judgments
  6. (esp of vegetation) dense; thick; luxuriant
interj slang
  1. an exclamation indicating disgust
  1. ( pl gross) a unit of quantity equal to 12 dozen
  2. ( pl grosses) the entire amount
  3. the great majority
vb (transitive)
  1. to earn as total revenue, before deductions for expenses, tax, etc
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French gros large, from Late Latin grossus thick

ˈgrossly adv ˈgrossness n

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