For the verb: "to hang"

Simple Past: hung, hanged
Past Participle: hung, hanged

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

hang /hæŋ/ vb (hangs, hanging, hung /hʌŋ/)
  1. to fasten or be fastened from above, esp by a cord, chain, etc; suspend
  2. to place or be placed in position as by a hinge so as to allow free movement around or at the place of suspension: to hang a door
  3. (intransitive) sometimes followed by over: to be suspended or poised; hover: a pall of smoke hung over the city
  4. (intransitive) sometimes followed by over: to be imminent; threaten
  5. (intransitive) to be or remain doubtful or unresolved (esp in the phrase hang in the balance)
  6. (past tense and past participle hanged) to suspend or be suspended by the neck until dead
  7. (transitive) to decorate, furnish, or cover with something suspended or fastened
  8. (transitive) to fasten to or suspend from a wall: to hang wallpaper
  9. to fall or droop or allow to fall or droop: to hang one's head in shame
  10. (transitive) to suspend (game such as pheasant) so that it becomes slightly decomposed and therefore more tender and tasty
  11. (of a jury) to prevent or be prevented from reaching a verdict
  12. (past tense and past participle hanged) slang to damn or be damned: used in mild curses or interjections: I'll be hanged before I'll go out in that storm
  13. (intransitive) to pass slowly (esp in the phrase time hangs heavily)
  14. hang fireto be delayed
  1. the way in which something hangs
  2. (usually used with a negative) slang a damn: I don't care a hang for what you say
  3. get the hang ofinformal to understand the technique of doing something
  4. to perceive the meaning or significance of

See also hang about, hang backEtymology: Old English hangian; related to Old Norse hanga, Old High German hangēn

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