[ˌhɑːˈriːm] [ˈhɛərəm]

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har•em /ˈhɛrəm, ˈhær-/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. the part of a Muslim palace or house reserved as a living place for women.
  2. the women dwelling in a harem.

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har•em  (hârəm, har-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the part of a Muslim palace or house reserved for the residence of women.
  2. the women in a Muslim household, including the mother, sisters, wives, concubines, daughters, entertainers, and servants.
  3. Animal Behaviora social group of females, as elephant seals, accompanied or followed by one fertile male who denies other males access to the group.
  4. Slang Terms[Facetious or Offensive.]a group of women associated in any way with one man or household:Father joked that he had a harem of five daughters.
Also,  haram, hareem, harim. 
  • Arabic harīm harem, literally, forbidden
  • 1625–35

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harem /ˈhɛərəm; hɑːˈriːm/, hareem /hɑːˈriːm/ n
  1. the part of an Oriental house reserved strictly for wives, concubines, etc
  2. a Muslim's wives and concubines collectively
  3. a group of female animals of the same species that are the mates of a single male
Etymology: 17th Century: from Arabic harīm forbidden (place)

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