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has•ten /ˈheɪsən/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to (cause to) move or act with haste: [no object]They hastened to the bus stop.[+ object]to hasten the downfall of the dictatorship.

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has•ten  (hāsən),USA pronunciation v.i. 
  1. to move or act with haste;
    proceed with haste;
    hurry:to hasten to a place.

  1. to cause to hasten;
    accelerate:to hasten someone from a room; to hasten the arrival of a happier time.
hasten•er, n. 
  • haste + -en1 1565–75
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged urge, press;
      expedite, quicken, speed;

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hasten /ˈheɪsən/ vb
  1. (may take an infinitive) to hurry or cause to hurry; rush
  2. (transitive) to be anxious (to say something)

ˈhastener n

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