For the verb: "to hold"

Simple Past: held
Past Participle: held

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held /hɛld/USA pronunciation v. pt. and pp. of hold1.hold

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held /hɛld/ vb
  1. the past tense and past participle of hold1

hold /həʊld/ vb (holds, holding, held /hɛld/)
  1. to have or keep (an object) with or within the hands, arms, etc; clasp
  2. (transitive) to support or bear: to hold a drowning man's head above water
  3. to maintain or be maintained in a specified state or condition: to hold one's emotions in check, hold firm
  4. (transitive) to set aside or reserve: they will hold our tickets until tomorrow
  5. (when intr, usually used in commands) to restrain or be restrained from motion, action, departure, etc: hold that man until the police come
  6. (intransitive) to remain fast or unbroken: that cable won't hold much longer
  7. (intransitive) (of the weather) to remain dry and bright
  8. (transitive) to keep the attention of
  9. (transitive) to engage in or carry on: to hold a meeting
  10. (transitive) to have the ownership, possession, etc, of: he holds a law degree from London, who's holding the ace of spades?
  11. (transitive) to have the use of or responsibility for: to hold the office of director
  12. (transitive) to have the space or capacity for: the carton will hold only eight books
  13. (transitive) to be able to control the outward effects of drinking beer, spirits, etc
  14. often followed by to or by: to remain or cause to remain committed to: hold him to his promise, he held by his views in spite of opposition
  15. (tr; takes a clause as object) to claim: he holds that the theory is incorrect
  16. (intransitive) to remain relevant, valid, or true: the old philosophies don't hold nowadays
  17. (transitive) to regard or consider in a specified manner: I hold him very dear
  18. (transitive) to guard or defend successfully: hold the fort against the attack
  19. (sometimes followed by on) to sustain the sound of (a note) throughout its specified duration
  20. (transitive) to retain (data) in a storage device after copying onto another storage device or onto another location in the same device
  21. hold for, hold good forto apply or be relevant to: the same rules hold for everyone
  22. there is no holding himhe is so spirited or resolute that he cannot be restrained
  1. the act or method of holding fast or grasping, as with the hands
  2. something to hold onto, as for support or control
  3. an object or device that holds fast or grips something else so as to hold it fast
  4. controlling force or influence: she has a hold on him
  5. a short delay or pause
  6. a prison or a cell in a prison
  7. a way of seizing one's opponent
  8. a pause or fermata
  9. a tenure or holding, esp of land
  10. (in combination): leasehold, freehold, copyhold
  11. archaic a fortified place
  12. no holds barredall limitations removed

See also hold back, hold down, hold forth, hold in, hold off, hold on, hold out, hold over, hold-up, hold withEtymology: Old English healdan; related to Old Norse halla, Gothic haldan, German halten

ˈholdable adj
hold /həʊld/ n
  1. the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo
Etymology: 16th Century: variant of hole

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