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hel•met /ˈhɛlmɪt/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. a usually strong and hard covering worn on the head for protection.
hel•met•ed, adj. 

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hel•met  (helmit),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. any of various forms of protective head covering worn by soldiers, firefighters, divers, cyclists, etc.
  2. Heraldrymedieval armor for the head.
  3. Sport(in fencing, singlestick, etc.) a protective device for the head and face consisting of reinforced wire mesh.
  4. anything resembling a helmet in form or position.
helmet•ed, adj. 
helmet•like′, adj. 
  • Middle French healmet, helmet, diminutive of helme helm2
  • late Middle English 1400–50

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helmet /ˈhɛlmɪt/ n
  1. a piece of protective or defensive armour for the head worn by soldiers, policemen, firemen, divers, etc
  2. a part or structure resembling a helmet, esp the upper part of the calyx of certain flowers
Etymology: 15th Century: from Old French, diminutive of helme, of Germanic origin

ˈhelmeted adj

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