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his•tor•i•cal /hɪˈstɔrɪkəl, -ˈstɑr-/USA pronunciation   adj. [before a noun]
  1. World Historyof, relating to, or treating history or past events:historical records.
  2. World Historybased on or suggested by history:a historical novel.
  3. World Historyhaving once existed or lived, as opposed to being part of legend, fiction, or religious belief:a study of the historical Jesus.
  4. World Historyhistoric (def. 1).:It was a historical event.
his•tor•i•cal•ly, adv. 
his•tor•i•cal•ness, n. [uncountable]

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his•tor•i•cal  (hi stôri kəl, -stor-),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. World Historyof, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of history or past events:historical records; historical research.
  2. World Historybased on or reconstructed from an event, custom, style, etc., in the past:a historical reenactment of the battle of Gettysburg.
  3. World Historyhaving once existed or lived in the real world, as opposed to being part of legend or fiction or as distinguished from religious belief:to doubt that a historical Camelot ever existed; a theologian's study of the historical Jesus.
  4. World Historynarrated or mentioned in history;
    belonging to the past.
  5. World Historynoting or pertaining to analysis based on a comparison among several periods of development of a phenomenon, as in language or economics.
  6. World Historyhistoric (def. 1).
his•tori•cal•ly, adv. 
his•tori•cal•ness, n. 
  • Latin historic(us) historic + -al1
  • late Middle English 1375–1425
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged documented, authentic, factual, attested.

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historical /hɪˈstɒrɪkəl/ adj
  1. belonging to or typical of the study of history: historical methods
  2. concerned with or treating of events of the past: historical accounts
  3. based on or constituting factual material as distinct from legend or supposition
  4. based on or inspired by history: a historical novel
  5. occurring or prominent in history

hisˈtorically adv

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