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home /həʊm/ n
  1. the place or a place where one lives
  2. a house or other dwelling
  3. a family or other group living in a house or other place
  4. a person's country, city, etc, esp viewed as a birthplace, a residence during one's early years, or a place dear to one
  5. the environment or habitat of a person or animal
  6. the place where something is invented, founded, or developed
  7. a building or organization set up to care for orphans, the aged, etc
  8. one's own ground: the match is at home
  9. the objective towards which a player strives in certain sports
  10. an area where a player is safe from attack
  11. NZ informal obsolete Britain, esp England
  12. a home from homea place other than one's own home where one can be at ease
  13. at homein one's own home or country
  14. at ease, as if at one's own home
  15. giving an informal party at one's own home
  16. at home in, at home on, at home withfamiliar or conversant with
  17. home and dryBrit informal definitely safe or successful: we will not be home and dry until the votes have been counted
    Austral. and NZ equivalent: home and hosed
  18. near homeconcerning one deeply
adj (usually prenominal)
  1. of, relating to, or involving one's home, country, etc; domestic
  2. (of an activity) done in one's house: home taping
  3. relating to one's own ground: a home game
  4. US central; principal: the company's home office
  1. to or at home: I'll be home tomorrow
  2. to or on the point
  3. to the fullest extent: hammer the nail home
  4. bring home toto make clear to
  5. to place the blame on
  6. nothing to write home aboutinformal to be of no particular interest: the film was nothing to write home about
  1. (intransitive) (of birds and other animals) to return home accurately from a distance
  2. often followed by on or onto: to direct or be directed onto a point or target, esp by automatic navigational aids
  3. to send or go home
  4. to furnish with or have a home
  5. (intr; often followed by in or in on) to be directed towards a goal, target, etc
Etymology: Old English hām; related to Old Norse heimr, Gothic haims, Old High German heim, Dutch heem, Greek kōmi village

ˈhomeˌlike adj

Home /hjuːm/ n
  1. Baron
    See Home of the Hirsel

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