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hoo•doo  (ho̅o̅do̅o̅), 
n., pl. -doos,v., -dooed, -doo•ing.

  • voodoo.
  • bad luck.
  • a person or thing that brings bad luck.
  • Geology[Geol.]a pillar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion.

  • v.t. 
  • to bring or cause bad luck to.
  • Etymology:
    • apparently var of voodoo 1870–75, American.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    hoodoo /ˈhuːduː/ n ( pl -doos)
    1. a variant of voodoo
    2. informal a person or thing that brings bad luck
    3. informal bad luck
    vb ( -doos, -dooing, -dooed)
    1. (transitive) informal to bring bad luck to
    Etymology: 19th Century: variant of voodoo

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