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hope /hoʊp/USA pronunciation  n., v.,  hoped, hop•ing.

  1. [uncountable] a feeling that events will turn out well:lost all hope of success.
  2. [countable] a particular instance of this feeling:the hope of winning.
  3. [uncountable] a thing that provides a reason for this feeling in a particular instance:The medicine is her last hope.
  4. [countable] something hoped for:Our only hope is that the Coast Guard heard our SOS.

  1. to look forward (to) with desire and reasonable confidence: [no object]We can only wait and hope.[ + for + obj]:Hope for the best.[+ to + verb]I hope to see you again some time.[+ (that) clause]I hope she sees us. We hope that you will come again.
  1. hope against hope, [ + (that) clause] to continue to hope when the situation appears very bad:hoped against hope that someone survived the crash.

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hope /həʊp/ n
  1. (sometimes plural) a feeling of desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfilment: his hope for peace was justified, their hopes were dashed
  2. a reasonable ground for this feeling: there is still hope
  3. a person or thing that gives cause for hope
  4. a thing, situation, or event that is desired: my hope is that prices will fall
  5. not a hope, some hopeused ironically to express little confidence that expectations will be fulfilled
  1. (tr; takes a clause as object or an infinitive) to desire (something) with some possibility of fulfilment: we hope you can come, I hope to tell you
  2. (intransitive) often followed by for: to have a wish (for a future event, situation, etc)
  3. (tr; takes a clause as object) to trust, expect, or believe: we hope that this is satisfactory
Etymology: Old English hopa; related to Old Frisian hope, Dutch hoop, Middle High German hoffe

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