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ˈhorse•shoe ˈcrab, n. [countable]
  • Invertebratesa large marine arthropod having a brown covering curved like a horseshoe and a stiff tail.

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    horseshoe crab, 
  • Invertebratesa large marine arthropod, Limulus polyphemus, of shallow coastal waters of eastern North America and eastern Asia, having both compound and simple eyes, book gills, a stiff tail, and a brown carapace curved like a horseshoe: a living fossil related to the woodlouse. Also called  king crab. 
    • 1765–75

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    horseshoe crab n
    1. any marine chelicerate arthropod of the genus Limulus, of North America and Asia, having a rounded heavily armoured body with a long pointed tail: class Merostomata
      Also called: king crab

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