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in /ɪn/ prep
  1. inside; within: no smoking in the auditorium
  2. at a place where there is: lying in the shade, walking in the rain
  3. indicating a state, situation, or condition: in a deep sleep, standing in silence
  4. before or when (a period of time) has elapsed: come back in one year
  5. using (a language, etc) as a means of communication: written in code
  6. concerned or involved with, esp as an occupation: in journalism
  7. expressing a ratio, proportion, or probability: one in five boys
  8. while or by performing the action of; as a consequence of or by means of: in crossing the street he was run over
  9. used to indicate goal or purpose: in honour of the president
  10. (used of certain animals) about to give birth to; pregnant with (specified offspring): in foal, in calf
  11. a variant of into: she fell in the water, he tore the paper in two
  12. have it in one ⇒ (often followed by an infinitive) to have the ability (to do something)
  13. in that, in so far as ⇒ (conjunction) because or to the extent that; inasmuch as: I regret my remark in that it upset you
  14. nothing in itno difference or interval between two things
adv (particle)
  1. in or into a particular place; inward or indoors: come in, bring him in
  2. so as to achieve office, power, or authority: the Conservatives got in at the last election
  3. so as to enclose: block in, cover in a hole
  4. (in certain games) so as to take one's turn or one's team's turn at a certain aspect of the play; taking one's innings: you have to get the other side out before you go in
  5. Brit (of a fire) alight
  6. (in combination) indicating an activity or gathering, esp one organized to protest against something: teach-in, work-in
  7. in atpresent at (the beginning, end, etc)
  8. in forabout to be affected by (something, esp something unpleasant): you're in for a shock
  9. in onacquainted with or sharing in: I was in on all his plans
  10. in withassociated with; friendly with; regarded highly by
  11. have it in for, have got it in forinformal to wish or intend harm towards
  1. (stressed) fashionable; modish: the in thing to do
  2. NZ competing: you've got to be in to win
  1. ins and outsintricacies or complications; details: the ins and outs of a computer system
Etymology: Old English; compare Old High German in, Welsh yn, Old Norse ī, Latin in, Greek en

In the chemical symbol for
  1. indium

-in suffix forming nouns
  1. indicating a neutral organic compound, including proteins, glucosides, and glycerides: insulin, digitoxin, tripalmitin
  2. indicating an enzyme in certain nonsystematic names: pepsin
  3. indicating a pharmaceutical substance: penicillin, riboflavin, aspirin
  4. indicating a chemical substance in certain nonsystematic names: coumarin
Etymology: from New Latin -ina; compare -ine²

in-, il-, im-, ir- prefix
  1. not; non-: incredible, insincere, illegal, imperfect, irregular
    Compare un-1
Etymology: from Latin in-; related to ne-, nōn not
in-, il-, im-, ir- prefix
  1. in; into; towards; within; on: infiltrate, immigrate
  2. having an intensive or causative function: inflame, imperil
Etymology: from in (prep, adv)

in. abbreviation for
  1. inch(es)

indium /ˈɪndɪəm/ n
  1. a rare soft silvery metallic element associated with zinc ores: used in alloys, electronics, and electroplating. Symbol: In; atomic no: 49; atomic wt: 114.82; valency: 1, 2, or 3; relative density: 7.31; melting pt: 156.63°C; boiling pt: 2073°C
Etymology: 19th Century: New Latin, from indigo + -ium

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