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in•di•um  (indē əm),USA pronunciation n. [Chem.]
  1. Chemistrya rare metallic element, soft, white, malleable, and easily fusible, found combined in various ore minerals, esp. sphalerite: so called from the two indigo-blue lines in its spectrum. Symbol: In;
    at. wt.: 114.82;
    at. no.: 49;
    sp. gr.: 7.3 at 20°C.
  • Neo-Latin, equivalent. to ind(icum) indigo + -ium -ium
  • 1860–65

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indium /ˈɪndɪəm/ n
  1. a rare soft silvery metallic element associated with zinc ores: used in alloys, electronics, and electroplating. Symbol: In; atomic no: 49; atomic wt: 114.82; valency: 1, 2, or 3; relative density: 7.31; melting pt: 156.63°C; boiling pt: 2073°C
Etymology: 19th Century: New Latin, from indigo + -ium

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