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in•di•vis•i•ble /ˌɪndəˈvɪzəbəl/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. not divisible:The pledge of allegiance to the flag says, "..one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.''
in•di•vis•i•bil•i•ty /ˌɪndəˌvɪzəˈbɪlɪti/USA pronunciation  n. [uncountable]
in•di•vis•i•bly, adv. 

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in•di•vis•i•ble  (in′də vizə bəl),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. not divisible;
    not separable into parts;
    incapable of being divided:one nation indivisible.

  1. something indivisible.
in′di•vis′i•bili•ty, in′di•visi•ble•ness, n. 
in′di•visi•bly, adv. 
  • Late Latin indīvīsibilis. See in-3, divisible
  • Middle English 1350–1400

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indivisible /ˌɪndɪˈvɪzəbəl/ adj
  1. unable to be divided
  2. leaving a remainder when divided by a given number

ˌindiˌvisiˈbility, ˌindiˈvisibleness n ˌindiˈvisibly adv

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