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ir•re•li•gious /ˌɪrɪˈlɪdʒəs/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. not religious;
    not practicing a religion;
    feeling no religious impulses, or feeling hostile to religion.

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ir•re•li•gious  (ir′i lijəs), 
  1. not religious; not practicing a religion and feeling no religious impulses or emotions.
  2. showing or characterized by a lack of religion.
  3. showing indifference or hostility to religion:irreligious statements.
  • Latin irreligiōsus. See ir-2, religious
  • 1555–65
ir′re•ligious•ly, adv. 
ir′re•ligious•ness, ir•re•lig•i•os•i•ty  (ir′i lij′ē osi tē), 
3 . profane, sacrilegious, ungodly.
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