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jas•per1  ( jaspər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Mineralogy, Jewelrya compact, opaque, cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, usually colored red: often used in decorative carvings.
  2. CeramicsAlso called  cameo ware, jasper•ware′. a fine, hard stoneware introduced c1775 by Wedgwood, stained various colors by metallic oxides, with raised designs in white.
  • Semitic; compare Arabic yashb
  • Greek iáspis
  • Latin iaspis
  • Middle French; Old French jaspe
  • Middle English jaspe, jaspre 1300–50

jas•per2  ( jaspər),USA pronunciation n. [Older Slang.]
  1. Slang Termsa fellow;
  • special use of proper name Jasper 1895–1900, American.

Jas•per  ( jaspər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Place Namesa city in NW Alabama. 11,894.
  2. Place Namesa resort town in SW Alberta, in SW Canada, on the Athabaska River: headquarters for Jasper National Park. 3060.
  3. a male given name, form of  Caspar. 

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jasper /ˈdʒæspə/ n
  1. an opaque impure microcrystalline form of quartz, red, yellow, brown, or dark green in colour, used as a gemstone and for ornamental decoration
  2. Also called: jasper ware a dense hard stoneware, invented in 1775 by Wedgwood, capable of being stained throughout its substance with metallic oxides and used as background for applied classical decoration
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French jaspe, from Latin jaspis, from Greek iaspis, of Semitic origin; related to Assyrian ashpū, Arabic yashb, Hebrew yāshpheh

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