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jowl2 /dʒaʊl/USA pronunciation   n. 
    [countable;  usually plural]
  1. a fold of flesh hanging from the jaw:His jowls quivered with greed.
jowled, adj: a heavily jowled politician.
jowl•y, adj.,  -i•er, -i•est. 

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jowl1  ( joul, jōl),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a jaw, esp. the lower jaw.
  2. the cheek.
jowled, adj. 
  • bef. 1000; Middle English chawl, chavell, Old English ceafl jaw; cognate with Dutch kevel, German Kiefer, Old Norse kjaptr

jowl2  ( joul, jōl),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a fold of flesh hanging from the jaw, as of a very fat person.
  2. the meat of the cheek of a hog.
  3. the dewlap of cattle.
  4. the wattle of fowls.
Also,  jole. 
  • 1275–1325; Middle English cholle, Old English ceole throat; cognate with German Kehle throat

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jowl /dʒaʊl/ n
  1. the jaw, esp the lower one
  2. (often plural) a cheek, esp a prominent one
  3. cheek by jowl
    See cheek
Etymology: Old English ceafl jaw; related to Middle High German kivel, Old Norse kjaptr

jowled adj
jowl /dʒaʊl/ n
  1. fatty flesh hanging from the lower jaw
  2. a similar fleshy part in animals, such as the wattle of a fowl or the dewlap of a bull
Etymology: Old English ceole throat; compare Old High German kela

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