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ju•di•ca•ture  ( jo̅o̅di kā′chər, -kə chŏŏr′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the administration of justice, as by judges or courts.
  2. the office, function, or authority of a judge.
  3. the jurisdiction of a judge or court.
  4. a body of judges.
  5. the power of administering justice by legal trial and determination.
  • Medieval Latin jūdicātūra, equivalent. to Latin jūdic- (see judge) + -āt(us) -ate1 + -ūra -ure
  • 1520–30

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judicature /ˈdʒuːdɪkətʃə/ n
  1. the administration of justice
  2. the office, function, or power of a judge
  3. the extent of authority of a court or judge
  4. a body of judges or persons exercising judicial authority; judiciary
  5. a court of justice or such courts collectively

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