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jump•er1 /ˈdʒʌmpɚ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. a person or thing that jumps.
  2. Sporta shot in basketball made while leaping in the air.
  3. Electricitya short length of cable used to make an electrical connection or to bypass a circuit.

jump•er2 /ˈdʒʌmpɚ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. Clothinga sleeveless dress, or a skirt with a bib and straps or with an open-sided bodice, usually worn over a blouse.
  2. Clothinga loose outer jacket worn esp. by workers and sailors.
  3. British Terms, Clothing[Brit.]a pullover sweater.

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jumper /ˈdʒʌmpə/ n
  1. chiefly Brit a knitted or crocheted garment covering the upper part of the body
  2. Also called: pinafore dress US Canadian a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or sweater
Etymology: 19th Century: from obsolete jump man's loose jacket, variant of jupe, from Old French, from Arabic jubbah long cloth coat
jumper /ˈdʒʌmpə/ n
  1. a boring tool that works by repeated impact, such as a steel bit in a hammer drill used in boring rock
  2. Also called: jumper cable, jumper lead a short length of wire used to make a connection, usually temporarily, between terminals or to bypass a component
  3. a person or animal that jumps

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