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ka•ra•o•ke /ˌkæriˈoʊki/USA pronunciation  n. [countable]
  • a device that allows a person to sing along to the music of a song and record his or her voice, the original singing having been electronically eliminated.

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    ka•ra•o•ke  (kar′ē ōkē),USA pronunciation n. 
  • an act of singing along to a music video, esp. one from which the original vocals have been electronically eliminated.
    • Japanese, = kara empty + oke orchestra
    • 1985–1990

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    karaoke /ˌkɑːrəˈəʊkɪ/ n
    1. an entertainment of Japanese origin in which people take it in turns to sing well-known songs over a prerecorded backing tape
    2. (as modifier): a karaoke bar
    Etymology: from Japanese, from kara empty + ōkesutora orchestra

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