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ker•mis  (kûrmis),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. (in the Low Countries) a local, annual outdoor fair or festival.
  2. a similar entertainment, usually for charitable purposes.
Also,  kermess, kirmess. 
  • Dutch, earlier ker(c)misse (kerc church + misse Mass); origin, originally a fair at the dedication of a church
  • 1570–80

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kermis, kirmess /ˈkɜːmɪs/ n
  1. (formerly, esp in Holland and Northern Germany) an annual country festival or carnival
  2. US Canadian a similar event, esp one held to collect money for charity
Etymology: 16th Century: from Middle Dutch kercmisse, from kerc church + misse Mass; originally a festival held to celebrate the dedication of a church

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