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ki•bosh /ˈkaɪbɑʃ, kɪˈbɑʃ/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable][Slang.]Idioms
  1. Idiomsput the kibosh on, [+ object] to put an end to;
    check:put the kibosh on excessive spending.

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ki•bosh  (kībosh, ki bosh),USA pronunciation n. [Informal.]
  1. Informal Termsnonsense.
  2. Idiomsput the kibosh on, to put an end to;
    check:Another such injury may put the kibosh on her athletic career.
  • of obscure origin, originally 1830–40

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kibosh, kybosh /ˈkaɪˌbɒʃ/ slang n
  1. put the kibosh onto put a stop to; prevent from continuing; halt
Etymology: 19th Century: of unknown origin


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