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kidney vetch

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kid•ney /ˈkɪdni/USA pronunciation n. [countable] ,pl. -neys.

    Anatomyone of a pair of organs in the rear of the upper abdomen that filter waste from the blood, produce uric acid or urea, and maintain water balance in the body.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

kidney /ˈkɪdnɪ/ n
  1. either of two bean-shaped organs at the back of the abdominal cavity in man, one on each side of the spinal column. They maintain water and electrolyte balance and filter waste products from the blood, which are excreted as urine
    Related adjective(s): renal
  2. the corresponding organ in other animals
  3. the kidneys of certain animals used as food
  4. class, type, or disposition (esp in the phrases of the same or a different kidney)
Etymology: 14th Century: of uncertain origin

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