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kin•e•mat•ics  (kin′ə matiks, kī′nə-), 
n. (used with a sing. v.)[Physics.]
  1. Mechanicsthe branch of mechanics that deals with pure motion, without reference to the masses or forces involved in it.
  2. MechanicsAlso called applied kinematics. the theory of mechanical contrivance for converting one kind of motion into another.
  • Greek kīnēmat- (stem of kí̄nēma movement; see cinema) + -ics
  • 1830–40
kin′e•matic, kin′e•mati•cal, adj. 
kin′e•mati•cal•ly, adv. 

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kinematics /ˌkɪnɪˈmætɪks ˌkaɪ-/ n
  1. (functioning as singular) the study of the motion of bodies without reference to mass or force
Etymology: 19th Century: from Greek kinēma movement; see cinema, -ics

ˌkineˈmatic adj ˌkineˈmatically adv

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