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kiss up kick down principle

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2017
kiss /kɪs/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. to touch or press with the lips slightly pushed out, to show affection, greeting, reverence, etc.: [+ object]She kissed him.[no object]They kissed briefly.
  2. to touch gently or lightly:[+ object]The breeze kissed her face.
  3. to put, bring, take, or express by kissing:[+ object]She kissed the baby's tears away.
  4. kiss off, [Slang.]to reject or dismiss openly and without feeling: [+ off + object]kissed off a promising job.[+ object + off]just kissed it off.

n. [countable]
  1. an act or instance of kissing:a quick kiss for luck.
  2. a slight touch or contact:the kiss of the sunlight.
  1. blow or throw a kiss, to indicate a kiss from a distance by kissing one's own fingertips and moving the hand forward toward the person greeted, usually used to signal farewell:She blew a kiss to the crowd.
  2. kiss of death, [usually: the + ~] something that causes or is thought to cause destruction, failure, disaster, or the like:Hiring him was the kiss of death for this project.

kiss•a•ble, adj. 

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
kiss  (kis),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. to touch or press with the lips slightly pursed, and then often to part them and to emit a smacking sound, in an expression of affection, love, greeting, reverence, etc.:He kissed his son on the cheek.
  2. to join lips with in this way:She kissed him and left.
  3. to touch gently or lightly:The breeze kissed her face.
  4. to put, bring, take, etc., by, or as if by, kissing:She kissed the baby's tears away.
  5. Games[Billiards, Pool.](of a ball) to make slight contact with or brush (another ball).

  1. to join lips in respect, affection, love, passion, etc.:They kissed passionately.
  2. to express a thought, feeling, etc., by a contact of the lips:They kissed good-bye at the station.
  3. to purse and then part the lips, emitting a smacking sound, as in kissing someone.
  4. Games[Billiards, Pool.](of a ball) to carom gently off or touch another ball.
  5. kiss ass, Slang (vulgar). to be obsequious;
  6. kiss off, [Slang.]
    • to reject, dismiss, or ignore:He kissed off their objections with a wave of his hand.
    • (used to express contemptuous rejection or dismissal).
    • to give up, renounce, or dispense with:Leaving Tulsa meant kissing off a promising job.

  1. an act or instance of kissing.
  2. a slight touch or contact.
  3. Games[Billiards, Pool.]the slight touch of one ball by another.
  4. Fooda baked confection of egg whites and confectioners' sugar, served as a cookie.
  5. Fooda piece of toffeelike confectionery, sometimes containing nuts, coconut, or the like.
  6. Fooda small, sometimes conical, bite-size piece of chocolate, usually individually wrapped.
  7. Idiomsblow or  throw a kiss, to indicate an intended kiss from a distance, usually in bidding farewell, by kissing one's own fingertips and moving the hand toward the person greeted.
  • bef. 900; Middle English kissen to kiss, Old English cyssan (cognate with German küssen, Old Norse kyssa), derivative of Old English coss a kiss; cognate with Old Norse koss, German Küss

KISS  (kis),USA pronunciation 
  • keep it simple, stupid.

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    kiss /kɪs/ vb
    1. (transitive) to touch with the lips or press the lips against as an expression of love, greeting, respect, etc
    2. (intransitive) to join lips with another person in an act of love or desire
    3. to touch (each other) lightly
    4. (of balls) to touch (each other) lightly while moving
    1. the act of kissing; a caress with the lips
    2. a light touch

    See also kiss offEtymology: Old English cyssan, from coss; compare Old High German kussen, Old Norse kyssa

    ˈkissable adj

    KISS abbreviation for
    1. keep it simple, stupid

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