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lady of the night

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lady /ˈleɪdɪ/ n ( pl -dies)
  1. a woman regarded as having the characteristics of a good family and high social position
  2. a polite name for a woman
  3. (as modifier): a lady doctor
  4. an informal name for wife
  5. lady of the housethe female head of the household
  6. a woman with proprietary rights and authority, as over a manor
Etymology: Old English hlǣfdīge, from hlāf bread + dīge kneader, related to dāh dough

Lady /ˈleɪdɪ/ n ( pl -dies)
  1. (in Britain) a title of honour borne by various classes of women of the peerage
  2. my ladya term of address to holders of the title Lady, used esp by servants
  3. Our Ladya title of the Virgin Mary

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