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lark1 /lɑrk/USA pronunciation n. [countable]

    Birdsa songbird living in the open country, or similar bird, as the meadowlark.

lark2 /lɑrk/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. a merry, carefree adventure;
    escapade:had a lark at the party.
  2. innocent or good-natured mischief;
    something done as a joke;

v. [no object]
  • to have fun;

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    lark /lɑːk/ n
    1. any brown songbird of the predominantly Old World family Alaudidae, esp the skylark: noted for their singing
    2. short for titlark
    Etymology: Old English lāwerce, lǣwerce, of Germanic origin; related to German Lerche, Icelandic lǣvirki
    lark /lɑːk/ informal n
    1. a carefree adventure or frolic
    2. a harmless piece of mischief
    vb (intransitive)
    1. (often followed by about) to have a good time by frolicking
    2. to play a prank
    Etymology: 19th Century: originally slang, perhaps related to laik

    ˈlarkish adj

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