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lean muscle

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2019
lean1 /lin/USA pronunciation   v.,  leaned or (esp. Brit.) leant/lɛnt/USA pronunciation  lean•ing. 
  1. to bend or tilt (the body) from a vertical position: [no object]She leaned out the window.[+ object]He leaned his head forward.
  2. to bend or slant in a particular direction: [no object]The post leans to the left.[+ object]He leaned the bike to the left.
  3. to rest or lie on something for support: [no object]She leaned against a wall.[+ object]He leaned the bike against the railing.
  4. to depend or rely:[+ on/upon]He could always lean on them in an emergency.
  5. to tend to agree with or be in favor of:[no object]They're leaning toward our point of view.
  6. lean on, [+ on + object][Informal.]to pressure or threaten:The gangster was leaning on the small businesses for more money.

lean2 /lin/USA pronunciation   adj.,  -er, -est, n. 
    1. (of persons or animals) without much flesh or fat;
      thin:lean cattle.
    2. (of meat) containing little or no fat:lean beefsteak.
    3. lacking in richness, fullness, quantity, etc.;
      poor:a number of very lean years.
    4. spare;
      economical:Our business has to become leaner if we are to survive.

    n. [uncountable]
    1. the part of flesh that consists of muscle rather than fat.
    lean•ness, n. [uncountable]

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2019
lean1  (lēn),USA pronunciation v.,  leaned  or (esp. Brit.) leant;

  1. to incline or bend from a vertical position:She leaned out the window.
  2. to incline, as in a particular direction;
    slant:The post leans to the left. The building leaned sharply before renovation.
  3. to incline in feeling, opinion, action, etc.:to lean toward socialism.
  4. to rest against or on something for support:to lean against a wall.
  5. to depend or rely (usually fol. by on or upon):someone he could lean on in an emergency.

  1. to incline or bend:He leaned his head forward.
  2. to cause to lean or rest;
    prop:to lean a chair against the railing.
  3. lean on, [Informal.]
    • to exert influence or pressure on in order to gain cooperation, maintain discipline, or the like:The state is leaning on the company to clean up its industrial wastes.
    • to criticize, reprimand, or punish:I would have enjoyed school more if the teachers hadn't leaned on me so much.
  4. Idiomslean over backward(s). See  bend1 (def. 15).

  1. the act or state of leaning;
    inclination:The tower has a pronounced lean.
  • bef. 900; Middle English lenen, Old English hleonian, hlinian; cognate with German. lehnen; akin to Latin clīnāre to incline, Greek klí̄nein

lean2  (lēn),USA pronunciation adj.,  -er, -est, n. 
  1. (of persons or animals) without much flesh or fat;
    not plump or fat;
    thin:lean cattle.
  2. (of edible meat) containing little or no fat.
  3. lacking in richness, fullness, quantity, etc.;
    poor:a lean diet; lean years.
  4. Communicationsspare;
    economical:a lean prose style.
  5. Automotive(of a mixture in a fuel system) having a relatively low ratio of fuel to air (contrasted with rich).
  6. (of paint) having more pigment than oil. Cf. fat (def. 12).
  7. Nautical, Naval Terms(of a bow) having fine lines;
  8. Metallurgy(of ore) having a low mineral content;

  1. the part of flesh that consists of muscle rather than fat.
  2. the lean part of anything.
  3. Printing[Typesetting.]matter that is difficult to set because of complexity or intermixed fonts. Cf. fat (def. 25).
leanly, adv. 
leanness, n. 
  • Middle English lene, Old English hlǣne bef. 1000
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged skinny, lank, lanky. See  thin. 
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged sparse, barren, unfruitful, jejune.
    • 1, 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged fat.
    • 3.See corresponding entry in Unabridged fruitful.

Lean  (lēn),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. BiographicalDavid, 1908–91, British film director.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

lean /liːn/ vb (leans, leaning, leaned, leant)
  1. followed by against, on, or upon: to rest or cause to rest against a support
  2. to incline or cause to incline from a vertical position
  3. (intr; followed by to or towards) to have or express a tendency or leaning
  1. the condition of inclining from a vertical position
Etymology: Old English hleonian, hlinian; related to Old High German hlinēn, Latin clīnāre to incline
lean /liːn/ adj
  1. (esp of a person or an animal) having no surplus flesh or bulk; not fat or plump
  2. not bulky or full
  3. (of meat) having little or no fat
  4. not rich, abundant, or satisfying
  5. (of a mixture of fuel and air) containing insufficient fuel and too much air
  1. the part of meat that contains little or no fat
Etymology: Old English hlǣne, of Germanic origin

ˈleanly adv ˈleanness n

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