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lines•man /ˈlaɪnzmən/USA pronunciation   n.[countable]pl.  -men. 
  1. Sportan official in tennis, soccer, football, or ice hockey who keeps track of boundaries, distances, or the like.

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lines•man  (līnzmən),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -men. 
  1. Sport
    • an official, as in tennis and soccer, who assists the referee.
    • [Football.]an official who marks the distances gained and lost in the progress of play and otherwise assists the referee and field judge.
    • [Ice Hockey.]either of two officials who assist the referee by watching for icing, offside, and substitution violations and fouls and by conducting face-offs.
  2. Telecommunicationslineman (def. 1).
  • line1 + 's1 + -man 1855–60

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linesman /ˈlaɪnzmən/ n ( pl -men)
  1. an official who helps the referee or umpire in various sports, esp by indicating when the ball has gone out of play
  2. chiefly Brit a person who installs, maintains, or repairs telephone or electric-power lines
    US and Canadian name: lineman

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