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lode•stone /ˈloʊdˌstoʊn/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. Mineralogy[uncountable] a mineral that possesses magnetism.
  2. Mineralogy[countable] something that attracts like a magnet.

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lode•stone  (lōdstōn′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Mineralogya variety of magnetite that possesses magnetic polarity and attracts iron.
  2. a piece of this serving as a magnet.
  3. something that attracts strongly.
Also,  loadstone. 
  • lode (in obsolete sense "way, course'') + stone 1505–15

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lodestone, loadstone /ˈləʊdˌstəʊn/ n
  1. a rock that consists of pure or nearly pure magnetite and thus is naturally magnetic
  2. a piece of such rock, which can be used as a magnet and which was formerly used as a primitive compass
  3. a person or thing regarded as a focus of attraction
Etymology: 16th Century: literally: guiding stone

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