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lucerne /luːˈsɜːn/ n
  1. Brit
    another name for alfalfa

Lucerne /luːˈsɜːn; French: lysɛrn/ n
  1. a canton in central Switzerland, northwest of Lake Lucerne: joined the Swiss Confederacy in 1332. Pop: 352 300 (2002 est). Area: 1494 sq km (577 sq miles)
  2. a city in central Switzerland, capital of Lucerne canton, on Lake Lucerne: tourist centre. Pop: 59 496 (2000)
  3. Lake Lucernea lake in central Switzerland: fed and drained chiefly by the River Reuss. Area: 115 sq km (44 sq miles)
    German name: Vierwaldstättersee

German name (for senses 1 and 2): Luzern

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