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lu•nar /ˈlunɚ/USA pronunciation   adj. [before a noun]

    Astronomyof or relating to the moon:lunar orbit; a lunar month.

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lu•nar  (lo̅o̅nər), 
  1. Astronomyof or pertaining to the moon:the lunar orbit.
  2. Astronomymeasured by the moon's revolutions:a lunar month.
  3. resembling the moon;
    round or crescent-shaped.
  4. Chemistryof or pertaining to silver.

  • Astronomya lunar observation taken for purposes of navigation or mapping.
  • Etymology:
    • Latin lūnāris of the moon. See Luna, -ar1
    • 1585–95

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    lunar /ˈluːnə/ adj
    1. of or relating to the moon
    2. occurring on, used on, or designed to land on the surface of the moon: lunar module
    3. relating to, caused by, or measured by the position or orbital motion of the moon
    Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin lūnāris, from lūna the moon

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