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lush1 /lʌʃ/USA pronunciation   adj.,  -er, -est. 
  1. Botany(of plants, vegetation, etc.) growing in great number or amount:lush grass in the meadow.
  2. showing or having an abundant supply of riches, wealth, comfort, or luxury:a lush life.
lush•ness, n. [uncountable]

lush2 /lʌʃ/USA pronunciation   n. [countable][Slang.]
  1. Slang Termsa drunkard.

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lush1  (lush),USA pronunciation adj.,  -er, -est. 
  1. Botany(of vegetation, plants, grasses, etc.) luxuriant;
    tender and juicy.
  2. Botanycharacterized by luxuriant vegetation:a lush valley.
  3. characterized by luxuriousness, opulence, etc.:the lush surroundings of his home.
lushly, adv. 
lushness, n. 
  • 1400–50; late Middle English lusch slack; akin to Old English lysu bad, lēas lax, Middle Low German lasch slack, Old Norse lǫskr weak, Gothic lasiws weak
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged luxurious, fresh.
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged withered, stale.

lush2  (lush),USA pronunciation [Slang.]
  1. Slang Termsdrunkard;
  2. Slang Termsintoxicating liquor.

  1. Slang Termsto drink liquor.

  1. Slang Termsto drink (liquor).
  • perh. facetious application of lush1 1780–90

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lush /lʌʃ/ adj
  1. (of vegetation) abounding in lavish growth
  2. (esp of fruits) succulent and fleshy
  3. luxurious, elaborate, or opulent
Etymology: 15th Century: probably from Old French lasche lax, lazy, from Latin laxus loose; perhaps related to Old English lǣc, Old Norse lakr weak, German lasch loose

ˈlushly adv ˈlushness n
lush /lʌʃ/ slang n
  1. a heavy drinker, esp an alcoholic
  2. alcoholic drink
  1. US Canadian to drink (alcohol) to excess
Etymology: 19th Century: origin unknown

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