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mac•a•da•mi•a  (mak′ə dāmē ə),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Plant Biologyany Australian tree of the genus Macadamia, esp. M. ternifolia, having whorled leaves and elongated clusters of pink flowers.
  2. Plant BiologyAlso called  macadamia nut′. the edible, hard-shelled seed of this tree. Also called  Queensland nut. 
  • Neo-Latin, named after John Macadam (died 1865), Australian chemist; see -ia
  • 1900–05

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macadamia /ˌmækəˈdeɪmɪə/ n
  1. any tree of the Australian proteaceous genus Macadamia, esp M. ternifolia, having clusters of small white flowers and edible nutlike seeds
  2. macadamia nutthe seed of this tree
Etymology: 19th Century: New Latin, named after John Macadam (1827–1865), Australian chemist

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