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Mad•i•son  (madə sən),USA pronunciation  n. 
    Dol•ly or  Dol•ley  (dolē),USA pronunciation (Dorothea Payne), 1768–1849, wife of James Madison.
  1. BiographicalJames, 1751–1836, 4th president of the U.S. 1809–17.
  2. Place Namesa city in and the capital of Wisconsin, in the S part. 170,616.
  3. Place Namesa city in NE New Jersey. 15,357.
  4. Place Namesa town in S Connecticut. 14,031.
  5. Place Namesa city in SE Indiana. 12,472.
  6. Music and Dancea dance in which the participants stand side by side in a line while one person, acting as leader, calls out various steps, each letter of the word "Madison'' signaling a specific step.

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Madison /ˈmædɪsən/ n
  1. a city in the US, in S central Wisconsin, on an isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona: the state capital. Pop: 218 432 (2003 est)

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