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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
make1 /meɪk/USA pronunciation v., made/meɪd/USA pronunciationmak•ing,n. 

  • to bring into existence by combining material;
    produce: [+ object]to make a dress.[+ object + object]I'll make the kids some breakfast.
  • [+ object] to cause to exist or happen; produce:Why is he always making trouble?
  • to cause to be or become;
    transform: [+ object + adjective]This news will make her happy.[+ adjective +  ( that ) clause]He tried to make sure that everything was OK.[+ object + into + object]The talent agent says he made her into a star.[+ object + object]The evidence makes you the chief suspect.
  • [not: be + ~-ing; ~ + object] to become;
    develop into:Someday you'll make a good lawyer.
  • [not: be + ~-ing;
    + object]
    to be adequate or suitable for:This table will make a good lectern.
  • [+ object + object] to appoint; name:made her chairwoman.
  • [+ object + root form of verb] to force or cause (someone to do something);
    compel:The pain made her cry out.
  • [+ object] to put in the proper condition or state; prepare:to make a bed.
  • [+ object] to earn for oneself:to make a good salary.
  • [+ object] to write; compose:to make a will.
  • [+ object] to agree upon;
    arrange:to make a deal.
  • [+ object] to establish; enact:to make laws.
  • [+ object] to form in the mind:to make a decision.
  • [+ object + at + object] to estimate; figure:I make the value at $1,000.
  • [+ object] to put together;
    form:to make a matched set.
  • [+ object; not: be + ~-ing] to amount to;
    total:Two plus two makes four.
  • [+ object;
    not: be + ~-ing]
    to provide:That book makes good reading.
  • [not: be + ~-ing; ~ + object] to be enough so as to become:One story does not make a writer.
  • [+ object;
    not: be + ~-ing]
    to assure the success or fame of:Her last book really made her reputation as a scholar.
  • [+ object] to reach; attain:made admiral just before he retired from the Navy.
  • [+ object] to arrive in time for;
    catch:I just made the plane.
  • Informal Terms[+ object] to attain a position in or on:The novel made the bestseller list.
  • [+ object] to receive notice in or on:The murder made the evening news.
  • Slang Terms[+ object][Slang.]to have sexual intercourse with.
  • [+ object] to score:She made 40 points.
  • make away with, [+ away + with + object] to carry off; steal:The thieves made away with all the money.
  • make for, [+ for + object]
    • to move toward:We made for shelter when we saw the clouds.
    • [not: be + ~-ing] to bring about or keep going:A calm manner in a police officer makes for fewer arguments.
    make of, [+ of + object]
    • to judge the truth or nature of:What do you make of that remark?
  • make off, [no object] to run away:The thieves made off before the police arrived.
  • make off with, [+ off + with + object] to carry away; steal:The robbers made off with a million dollars in cash.
  • make out: 
    • to write out or complete, as a bill or check: [+ out + object]I made out the check.[+ object + out]I made it out and sealed it in the envelope.
    • to understand; figure out the meaning of;
      fathom: [+ out + object]I can't make out this last equation.[+ object + out]I can't make this out.
    • to see clearly enough so as to be able to read: [+ out + object]I can't make out his handwriting.[+ object + out]I can't make it out.
    • to suggest or pretend (to be, or that something is the case): [+ object + out + to + verb]He made me out to be a liar.[+ out + that clause]He makes out that he is a successful businessman.
    • [no object] to manage; succeed:How are you making out in school?
    • [no object][Slang.]to engage in kissing and caressing:making out in the back seat.
    make over: 
    • to remodel; fix, change, or alter: [+ over + object]The carpenters made over the room as a gym.[+ object + over]The beautician made her face over.
    make up: 
    • [+ up + object; usually: not: be + ~-ing] to form;
      constitute:Immigrants make up a large part of our school's population.
    • to prepare by putting together;
      compile: [+ up + object]Make up a list of what you'll need.[+ object + up]Make a list up and send it to me.
    • to invent (a story or tale); concoct: [+ up + object]She made up that whole story.[+ object + up]She made that whole story up.
    • [+ up + for + object] to repay; compensate:Perhaps $50 will make up for your trouble.
    • [+ up + object;
      not: be ~-ing]
      to complete:The two couples made up a foursome at golf.
    • to put in order; arrange: [+ up + object]She made up the bed.[+ object + up]Make the bed up before you watch TV.
    • to settle; decide: [+ up + object]Make up your mind.[+ object + up]You'll have to make your mind up soon.
    • to (cause to) become friends again; to (cause to) be reconciled: [no object]finally made up after years of quarreling.[+ up + object]They made up their argument.
    • to dress in costume and makeup: [+ up + object]She made up the children and sent them onstage.[+ object + up] :She made herself up and dashed onstage.
    • to provide enough so that (something ) is no longer lacking: [+ up + object]The college will make up the difference between your loan and your tuition.[+ object + up]In such cases the college will make it up.

    n. [countable]
  • the style in which something is made; form.
  • brand:a foreign make of car.
  • idiom
    1. Idioms, Informal Termsmake as if or as though, [+ clause][Informal.]pretend:He made as if nothing bothered him.
    2. Idiomsmake believe, imagine: [no object]Kids like to make believe.[+  ( that ) clause]She made believe (that) he had won the lottery.
    3. Idiomsmake do, [no object] to manage with whatever is available:If those are the only tools we have, we'll just have to make do with them.
    4. make good: 
      • [no object] to succeed:These graduates will make good.
      • [+ on + object] to compensate for:Will he make good on the purchases?
      • Also,make good on. [+ object] to fulfill, as a promise:Is he someone who will make good on his promises?
      make it: 
      • to achieve success:He really seems to have made it: big house, good job, beautiful family.
      • to arrive on time:I just made it to that meeting!
    5. Idiomsmake light of, [+ object] to treat as unimportant or insignificant.
    6. Idiomsmake like, [+ object][Informal.]to pretend to be or to be like:Stop making like a clown!
    7. make love, to have sexual relations (with): [no object]How often couples make love is their own business.[+ to + object]He wanted to make love to her right then and there.
    8. Idiomsmake much of, [+ object] to treat as important:The press tried to make much of his past.
    9. Idiomsmake short work of, [+ object] to finish or dispose of quickly:You made short work of that apple pie.
    on the make: 
    • in pursuit of gain:a young executive on the make.
    • [Slang.]in search of sexual activity:He was constantly on the make at singles bars.

    mak•er, n. [countable]

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    make /meɪk/ vb (makes, making, made)(mainly tr)
    1. to bring into being by shaping, changing, or combining materials, ideas, etc; form or fashion; create
    2. to draw up, establish, or form: to make a decision, make one's will
    3. to cause to exist, bring about, or produce: don't make a noise
    4. to cause, compel, or induce: please make him go away
    5. to appoint or assign, as to a rank or position: they made him chairman
    6. to constitute: one swallow doesn't make a summer
    7. (also intr) to come or cause to come into a specified state or condition: to make merry, make someone happy
    8. (copula) to be or become through development: he will make a good teacher
    9. to cause or ensure the success of: your news has made my day
    10. to amount to: twelve inches make a foot
    11. to serve as or be suitable for: that piece of cloth will make a coat
    12. to prepare or put into a fit condition for use: to make a bed
    13. to be the essential element in or part of: charm makes a good salesman
    14. to carry out, effect, or do
    15. (intr; followed by to, as if to, or as though to) to act with the intention or with a show of doing something: they made to go out, he made as if to hit her
    16. to use for a specified purpose: I will make this town my base
    17. to deliver or pronounce: to make a speech
    18. to cause to seem or represent as being
    19. to earn, acquire, or win for oneself: to make friends, make a fortune
    20. to engage in: make love not war
    21. to traverse or cover (distance) by travelling: we can make a hundred miles by nightfall
    22. to arrive in time for: he didn't make the first act of the play
    23. to win a trick with (a specified card)
    24. to shuffle (the cards)
    25. to fulfil (a contract) by winning the necessary number of tricks
    26. to score (runs)
    27. to close (a circuit) permitting a flow of current
    28. (intransitive) to increase in depth: the water in the hold was making a foot a minute
    29. informal to gain a place or position on or in: to make the headlines, make the first team
    30. informal to achieve the rank of
    31. slang to seduce
    32. make a bookto take bets on a race or other contest
    33. make a day of itto cause an activity to last a day
    34. make a night of itto cause an activity to last a night
    35. make do
      See do1
    36. make eyes atto flirt with or ogle
    37. make itinformal to be successful in doing something
    38. (followed by with) slang to have sexual intercourse
    39. make likeslang chiefly US Canadian to imitate
    1. brand, type, or style
    2. the manner or way in which something is made
    3. disposition or character; make-up
    4. the act or process of making
    5. the amount or number made
    6. a player's turn to shuffle
    7. on the makeinformal out for profit or conquest
    8. slang in search of a sexual partner

    See also make forEtymology: Old English macian; related to Old Frisian makia to construct, Dutch maken, German machen to make

    ˈmakable adj

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