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mate1 /meɪt/USA pronunciation n., v., mat•ed, mat•ing.

n. [countable]
  • a husband or wife;
  • a sexual partner of an animal:studying how baboons and their mates interact.
  • one of a pair:a mate of a glove.
  • [Chiefly Brit.]friend; buddy;
    chum (often used as a friendly term of address):Well, mate, let's get going.
  • a rank below a ship's captain:the first mate.
  • This word is used after a root or word with the meaning "a person who shares'':an office-mate (= someone sharing an office); a roommate (= someone sharing a room).

  • v. 
  • to (cause to) have sexual relations in order to breed, as animals: [no object]Those animals mate in the fall.[+ object]Researchers tried to mate the female with the male.
  • mat•ing,adj. [before a noun]the mating season, when animals display their courtship behavior.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    mate /meɪt/ n
    1. the sexual partner of an animal
    2. a marriage partner
    3. informal chiefly Brit Austral NZ a friend, usually of the same sex: often used between males in direct address
    4. (in combination) an associate, colleague, fellow sharer, etc: a classmate, a flatmate
    5. one of a pair of matching items
    6. any officer below the master on a commercial ship
    7. (in some trades) an assistant: a plumber's mate
    1. to pair (a male and female animal) or (of animals) to pair for reproduction
    2. to marry or join in marriage
    3. (transitive) to join as a pair; match
    Etymology: 14th Century: from Middle Low German; related to Old English gemetta table-guest, from mete meat
    mate /meɪt/ n , vb
    1. See checkmate

    maté, mate /ˈmɑːteɪ; ˈmæteɪ/ n
    1. an evergreen tree, Ilex paraguariensis, cultivated in South America for its leaves, which contain caffeine: family Aquifoliaceae
    2. a stimulating milky beverage made from the dried leaves of this tree

    Modern Greek name: Paraguay tea, yerba, yerba maté Etymology: 18th Century: from American Spanish (originally referring to the vessel in which the drink was brewed), from Quechua máti gourd

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