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meth•od /ˈmɛθəd/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. a procedure, technique, or planned way of doing something:[countable]There are several methods we could use to recover your lost data.
  2. order or system in doing anything:[uncountable]There's no method to your work.

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meth•od  (methəd),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, esp. in accordance with a definite plan:There are three possible methods of repairing this motor.
  2. a manner or mode of procedure, esp. an orderly, logical, or systematic way of instruction, inquiry, investigation, experiment, presentation, etc.:the empirical method of inquiry.
  3. order or system in doing anything:to work with method.
  4. orderly or systematic arrangement, sequence, or the like.
  5. Show Businessthe Method. Also called  Stanislavski Method, Stanislavski System. a theory and technique of acting in which the performer identifies with the character to be portrayed and renders the part in a naturalistic, nondeclamatory, and highly individualized manner.

  1. Show Business(usually cap.) of, pertaining to, or employing the Method:a Method actor; Method acting.
method•less, adj. 
  • Greek méthodos systematic course, equivalent. to met- meta- + hodós way, road
  • Latin methodus
  • late Middle English: medical procedure 1375–1425
    • 1, 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged means, technique.
      Method, mode, way imply a manner in which a thing is done or in which it happens.
      Method refers to a settled kind of procedure, usually according to a definite, established, logical, or systematic plan:the open-hearth method of making steel; one method of solving a problem.Mode is a more formal word that implies a customary or characteristic fashion of doing something:Kangaroos have a peculiar mode of carrying their young.Way, a word in popular use for the general idea, is equivalent to various more specific words:someone's way(manner) of walking;
      the best way
      (method) of rapid calculating;
      the way
      (mode) of holding a pen.
    • 4.See corresponding entry in Unabridged disposition.

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method /ˈmɛθəd/ n
  1. a way of proceeding or doing something, esp a systematic or regular one
  2. orderliness of thought, action, etc
  3. (often plural) the techniques or arrangement of work for a particular field or subject
Etymology: 16th Century: via French from Latin methodus, from Greek methodos, literally: a going after, from meta- after + hodos way

Method /ˈmɛθəd/ n
  1. (sometimes not capital) a technique of acting based on the theories of Stanislavsky, in which the actor bases his role on the inner motivation of the character he plays
  2. (as modifier): a Method actor

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