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mine run

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
mine1 /maɪn/USA pronunciation pron. 
  1. the form of the pronoun I used to show possession after the verb be:The yellow sweater is mine.
  2. the form of the pronoun I used to refer to a thing or things that belong to the speaker:Mine is on the left. He was a good friend of mine.

mine2 /maɪn/USA pronunciation n., v., mined, min•ing.

n. [countable]
  • Miningan area dug up for minerals, as ore, coal, or precious stones:the diamond mines of South Africa.
  • an abundant source; store:a mine of information.
  • Militaryan explosive device placed in the ground or in the water that is designed to blow up when enemy troops, vehicles, or ships pass near it.

  • v. 
  • Miningto dig in (the earth) for extracting a mineral substance: [no object]to mine for a year before striking gold.[+ object]to mine an area for years.
  • Miningto dig out (a mineral) from a mine: [no object]to mine for gold.[+ object]to mine gold, diamonds, and silver.
  • Military[+ object] to place mines, as in military or naval operations:to mine the entrance to the harbor.
  • [+ object] to use for extracting material from:to mine every reference book available.
  • min•er, n. [countable]miners out on strike.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    mine /maɪn/ pron
    1. something or someone belonging to or associated with me: mine is best
    2. of minebelonging to or associated with me
    1. (preceding a vowel)
      an archaic word for my: mine eyes, mine host
    Etymology: Old English mīn; compare Old High German, Old Norse mīn, Dutch mijn
    mine /maɪn/ n
    1. a system of excavations made for the extraction of minerals, esp coal, ores, or precious stones
    2. any deposit of ore or minerals
    3. a lucrative source or abundant supply: she was a mine of information
    4. a device containing an explosive designed to destroy ships, vehicles, or personnel, usually laid beneath the ground or in water
    5. a tunnel or sap dug to undermine a fortification
    1. to dig into (the earth) for (minerals)
    2. to make (a hole, tunnel, etc) by digging or boring
    3. to place explosive mines in position below the surface of (the sea or land)
    4. to undermine (a fortification) by digging mines or saps
    5. another word for undermine
    Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French, probably of Celtic origin; compare Irish mein, Welsh mwyn ore, mine

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