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mis•use /n. mɪsˈyus; v. -ˈyuz/USA pronunciation   n., v., -used, -us•ing. 

  • wrong or improper use: [uncountable]The principal was dismissed for misuse of school funds.[countable]a misuse of the word "appropriately.''

  • v. [+ object]
  • to use incorrectly:to misuse a word.
  • to treat harmfully; mistreat:to misuse a friend.

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    mis•use  (n. mis yo̅o̅s;v. mis yo̅o̅z), 
    n., v., -used, -us•ing. 

  • wrong or improper use;
  • [Obs.]bad or abusive treatment.

  • v.t. 
  • to use wrongly or improperly;
  • to treat badly or abusively;
  • Etymology:1350–1400;
    Middle English;
    see mis-1, use
    1. misemployment, misappropriation.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    misuse n /ˌmɪsˈjuːs/misusage
    1. erroneous, improper, or unorthodox use: misuse of words
    2. cruel or inhumane treatment
    vb /ˌmɪsˈjuːz/(transitive)
    1. to use wrongly
    2. to treat badly or harshly

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