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mixed /mɪkst/USA pronunciation   adj. [before a noun]
  • made up of things that are different but of the general type:ate some mixed nuts.
    1. of or relating to persons of different religions or races:a mixed marriage.
    2. including contrasting, sometimes opposite elements or parts:mixed emotions about going abroad.
    3. of or intended for people of different sexes:the mixed doubles tennis matches.

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    mixed  (mikst),USA pronunciation adj. 
    1. put together or formed by mixing.
    2. composed of different constituents or elements:a mixed form of government.
    3. of different kinds combined:mixed nuts; mixed emotions.
    4. involving or comprised of persons of different sex, class, character, belief, religion, or race:mixed company; a mixed neighborhood.
    5. Lawinvolving more than one issue or aspect:a mixed question of law and fact.
    6. Phonetics(of a vowel) central.
    7. [Math.](of partial derivatives) of second or higher order and involving differentiation with respect to more than one variable.
    8. Rail Transport(of trains) composed of both passenger and freight cars.
    9. Philosophy[Logic.]containing quantifiers of unlike kind.
    10. Stock Exchange, Business(of a stock or commodity market) characterized by uneven price movements, with some prices rising and others falling.
    mix•ed•ly  (miksid lē, mikstlē),USA pronunciation adv.  mixed•ness, n. 
    • Latin mixtus, past participle of miscēre to mingle. Cf. mix
    • 1400–50; late Middle English mixt

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    mixed /mɪkst/ adj
    1. formed or blended together by mixing
    2. composed of different elements, races, sexes, etc: a mixed school
    3. consisting of conflicting elements, thoughts, attitudes, etc

    mixedness /ˈmɪksɪdnɪs/ n

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