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mo•men•tar•i•ly /ˌmoʊmənˈtɛrəli, ˈmoʊmənˌtɛr-/USA pronunciation   adv. 
  1. for a moment;
    briefly:Flames escaped from the capsule momentarily, then all was quiet.
  2. at any moment;
    soon:She'll be here momentarily.
  3. instantly.

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mo•men•tar•i•ly  (mō′mən târə lē, mōmən ter′-),USA pronunciation adv. 
  1. for a moment;
    briefly:to pause momentarily.
  2. at any moment;
    imminently:expected to occur momentarily.
  3. instantly.
  • momentary + -ly 1645–55

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

momentarily /ˈməʊməntərəlɪ -trɪlɪ/ adv
  1. for an instant; temporarily
  2. from moment to moment; every instant
  3. US Canadian very soon

Also (for senses 1, 2): momently /ˈməʊməntlɪ/

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