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money wise

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money /ˈmʌnɪ/ n
  1. a medium of exchange that functions as legal tender
  2. the official currency, in the form of banknotes, coins, etc, issued by a government or other authority
  3. a particular denomination or form of currency: silver money
  4. ( pl moneys, monies) formal a pecuniary sum or income
  5. an unspecified amount of paper currency or coins: money to lend
  6. for one's moneyin one's opinion
  7. in the moneyinformal well-off; rich
  8. one's money's worthfull value for the money one has paid for something
  9. put money intoto invest money in
  10. put money onto place a bet on
  1. best, most valuable, or most eagerly anticipated: the money shot, the money note
Related adjective(s): pecuniary
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French moneie, from Latin monēta coinage; see mint²

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