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moor•ing /ˈmʊrɪŋ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. NauticalUsually,moorings. [plural] the means by which a ship, boat, or aircraft is moored:Ships were torn from their moorings.
  2. Nauticalmoorings, [plural] a place where a ship, boat, or aircraft may be moored:The safest moorings were on the mainland.
  3. Usually,moorings. a source of stability or security:Would he lose his moorings if he began to doubt his religion?

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mooring /ˈmʊərɪŋ ˈmɔː-/ n
  1. a place for mooring a vessel
  2. a permanent anchor, dropped in the water and equipped with a floating buoy, to which vessels can moor

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