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mus•co•va•do  (mus′kə vādō, -vä-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. raw or unrefined sugar, obtained from the juice of the sugar cane by evaporating and draining off the molasses.
Also,  muscavado. 
  • Vulgar Latin *minuscapāre, equivalent. to Latin minus smaller, less (see minus) + Vulgar Latin *-capāre, derivative of *capum, for Latin caput head; compare achieve, mischief
  • Portuguese (açúcar) mascavado, past participle of mascavar to separate raw sugar, earlier meoscabar, reduced form of menoscabar to belittle, detract from, cognate with Spanish menoscabar to diminish, reduce
  • Spanish (azúcar) mascabado)
  • ( 1635–45

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