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nau•pli•us  (nôplē əs),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -pli•i 
    (-plē ī′).USA pronunciation 
  1. Invertebrates(in many crustaceans) a larval form with three pairs of appendages and a single median eye, occurring usually as the first stage of development after leaving the egg.
naupli•al, naupli•form′, naupli•oid′, adj. 
  • Latin: a kind of shellfish
  • 1830–40

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nauplius /ˈnɔːplɪəs/ n ( pl -plii / -plɪˌaɪ/)
  1. the larva of many crustaceans, having a rounded unsegmented body with three pairs of limbs
Etymology: 19th Century: from Latin: type of shellfish, from Greek Nauplios, one of the sons of Poseidon


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