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near /nɪr/USA pronunciation   adv. and adj., -er, -est, prep., v. 
    1. close in space or time:Come nearer. The wedding day was drawing near.
    2. closely with respect to connection or similarity:a near-fatal accident.
    3. almost; nearly:He was near dead from cold.

    1. being close by in space or time:the near fields; the near future.
    2. being the lesser in distance:the near side of the moon.
    3. closely related or connected, as in a family[before a noun]near relatives.
    4. (used to describe something that is almost the same as something else, the difference between them being narrow or close)[before a noun]That was a near miss; the bullets flew just inches over our heads.

    prep. [(~ + to)]
    1. at, to, or within a short distance from:regions near (to) the equator.
    2. close to in time:Let's meet again near the beginning of the year.
    3. close to a condition, state, action, or amount; close in relationship:She came near to hitting him.

    1. to come or draw near;
      approach: [+ object]The boat neared the dock.[no object]Storm clouds neared.
      near at hand: 
        • close in space; in the immediate area.
        • soon;
          in the near future:The end was near at hand.
    1. nowhere near, not nearly:The car is nowhere near big enough for all of us.

near•ness, n. [uncountable]

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near  (nēr), 
adv., -er, -est, adj., -er, -est, prep., v. 

  1. close;
    to a point or place not far away:Come near so I won't have to shout.
  2. at, within, or to a short distance.
  3. close in time:The New Year draws near.
  4. close in relation; closely with respect to connection, similarity, intimacy, etc. (often used in combination):a near-standing position.
  5. all but;
    nearly:a period of near 30 years.
  6. Nautical, Naval Terms[Naut.]close to the wind.
  7. [Archaic.]in a thrifty or stingy manner.

  1. being close by; not distant:the near fields.
  2. being the lesser in distance:the near side.
  3. short or direct:the near road.
  4. close in time:the near future.
  5. closely related or connected:our nearest relatives.
  6. close to an original:a near translation.
  7. closely affecting one's interests or feelings:a matter of near consequence to one.
  8. intimate or familiar:a near friend.
  9. narrow or close:a near escape.
  10. thrifty or stingy:near with one's pocketbook.
  11. (of two draft animals hitched together) being on the driver's left (as opposed to off):The near horse is going lame.
  12. near at hand: 
      • in the immediate vicinity:There is a shopping area near at hand.
      • in the near future; soon:The departure is near at hand.

  1. at, to, or within a short distance, or no great distance, from or of:regions near the equator.
  2. close to in time:near the beginning of the year.
  3. close to a condition or state:He is near death.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. to come or draw near; approach:The boat neared the dock. Storm clouds neared.
  • Middle English nere, Old English nēar, comparative of nēah nigh bef. 900
nearness, n. 
11 .imminent, impending, approaching. 17 .tight, miserly. 1, 2, 8–11, 18.far. 17 .generous.

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near /nɪə/ prep
  1. at or to a place or time not far away from; close to
  1. at or to a place or time not far away; close by
  2. short for nearly: I was damn near killed
  1. at or in a place not far away
  2. (postpositive) not far away in time; imminent: departure time was near
  3. (prenominal) only just successful or only just failing: a near escape
  4. (postpositive) informal miserly, mean
  5. (prenominal) closely connected or intimate: a near relation
  1. to come or draw close (to)
  1. Also called: nearside the left side of a horse, team of animals, vehicle, etc
  2. (as modifier): the near foreleg
Etymology: Old English nēar (adv), comparative of nēah close, nigh; related to Old Frisian niār, Old Norse nǣr, Old High German nāhōr

ˈnearness n

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