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neck /nɛk/USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Anatomythe part of the body that connects the head and the trunk.
  2. the part of a garment around, partly covering, or closest to the neck;
    neckline:a blouse with a low neck.
  3. a slender part that resembles a neck:a bottle with a narrow neck; a guitar with a slender neck.
  4. a narrow strip of land, or a channel for water.

v. [no object]
  • Informal Terms[Informal.]to engage in kissing and caressing.
  • idiom
    1. Informal Terms, Idiomsneck and neck, just even or very close:The candidates were neck and neck in the polls.
    2. Informal Terms, Idiomsneck of the woods, neighborhood or surrounding area:In his neck of the woods he was considered a good salesman.
    3. Idiomsstick one's neck out, [no object][Informal.]to make oneself vulnerable by taking a risk:willing to stick his neck out if it meant saving his friends.

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    neck /nɛk/ n
    1. the part of an organism connecting the head with the rest of the body
    2. the part of a garment around or nearest the neck
    3. something resembling a neck in shape or position: the neck of a bottle
    4. a constricted portion of an organ or part, such as the cervix of the uterus
    5. a narrow or elongated projecting strip of land; a peninsula or isthmus
    6. a strait or channel
    7. the part of a violin, cello, etc, that extends from the body to the tuning pegs and supports the fingerboard
    8. a solid block of lava from the opening of an extinct volcano, exposed after erosion of the surrounding rock
    9. the length of a horse's head and neck taken as an approximate distance by which one horse beats another in a race: to win by a neck
    10. informal impudence; audacity
    11. the narrow band at the top of the shaft of a column between the necking and the capital, esp as used in the Tuscan order
    12. get it in the neckinformal to be reprimanded or punished severely
    13. neck and neckabsolutely level or even in a race or competition
    14. neck of the woodsinformal an area or locality: a quiet neck of the woods
    15. informal save one's neckto escape from a difficult or dangerous situation
    16. save someone's neckto help someone else escape from such a situation
    17. stick one's neck outinformal to risk criticism, ridicule, failure, etc, by speaking one's mind
    1. (intransitive) informal to kiss, embrace, or fondle someone or one another passionately
    Etymology: Old English hnecca; related to Old High German hnack, Old Irish cnocc hill

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